Bangor Ghost Hunters


Trying to Explain the Unexplainable

Is there really such a thing as ghosts? Can the human spirit live on, after death, and occupy a house or building, scaring the living daylights out of those who dare to enter? Old abandoned houses and ancient historical sites often spawn tales of otherworldly visages and paranormal occurrences. A lot of these stories are cooked up by ‘ghost walk’ tour guides, or are at least highly exaggerated versions of the original stories. But, what about regular people who swear that they have seen ghosts, or have had contact with them in some way.

Most people that claim to have witnessed a ghost explain their experience in a much different way than what some people would expect. Very few people actually claim to see a recognizable human form that speaks or interacts with them. Most people experience other phenomena. A sudden chill is often associated with being in the presence of a ghost. Many people recount the hair on their arms suddenly standing on end right before they sense a ‘presence’ in the room or area. Other people hear voices. Sometimes they hear clear, audible words, but more often it is indistinct and distant sounding. Sometimes, these voices seem to be mournful and unaware of the person’s presence. Other times, the person hearing the voice gets a distinct impression that the voice is angry and even threatening.

Some people claim to have witnessed other signs of ghostly activity. Many people, who visit haunted houses, claim that doors and windows seem to open of their own accord, things can fall off shelves without any apparent reason, and furniture seems to rearrange itself when people are not around. These things are hard to explain from a purely physical point of view. And, because there is no hard evidence or scientific fact to validate these experiences, many people put these incidences down to an overactive imagination or an overly excitable personality.

However, paranormal researchers and ghost hunters are trying to change these mindsets. They use a wide range of tools for tracking ghosts and the phenomena associated with them. They carry equipment like EMF meters, which detect variations in the electromagnetic field. They may also use recording devices, like infrared cameras to record cold and hotspots, and highly sensitive wireless microphones that could hopefully record even the faintest of disembodied voices.

The only problem with these methods is that, although they do seem to indicate that something strange may be happening at a certain site, they still cannot prove exactly what that something is. Just because there is a huge disturbance in the electromagnetic field, all the equipment starts going haywire at the stroke of two, and the mikes start picking up voices that seem to yell “Get out!”, that still doesn’t prove that these things are being caused by ghosts. The best these paranormal experts can do is to prove that something unexplainable is happening.

Maybe someday we’ll find out what is really going on in these ‘haunted’ spots. But, at least for now, you can choose to believe in ghosts or not; they probably don’t care one way or the other. If it is proven that there are beings walking the earth without physical form and natural boundaries, it would change the way most people view death, and even life.